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Post  Apollo on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:15 am

Worms o3o
Apollo's Vet Info Tundra_wolf00
Eight Years Of Age

Apollo's main pelt color is an off white, with gray mixed in with it. His gray is mostly around his tail and forehead. He has tints of copper located in his face, back area, and belly, but not on his legs. His ears are off white and on the tips they are a dark brown that blends into a light grey as it goes deeper inside of the ear. He has somewhat bright yellow eyes with some specks of brown.

Physical Built:
Apollo is a little taller than the average wolf, and his muscles aren't very noticeable unless he puts effort in flexing them.

Respectful, Smart, can be a little Stubborn at times, Kind.

Average wolves past. He has seen many things, and has been many places.

Solitary, Not very muscular, can be a little Stubborn at times.


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