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Post  Croix on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:30 pm

Croix. Unneeded Information Croix

5 years of age

Croix's physical apparance is nothing out of the ordinary. She has a very warm, ticked, earth-toned pelt, her base color being a light warm tan with no special or unusual markings. The fur around her ears warms up and gradients to a light blonde. While the tan darkens to a deep, cool brown on her bridge, forehead, and dorsal area, sharply cutting off before reaching her back limbs. Croix's eyes are deep chocolate brown in color which seems to almost extend around her eyes, giving a slight 'mask' illusion. Even though her eyes are brown, they are very reflective, almost mirror-like. Her nose, pads, and nails are dark and smooth, common in that of a purebreed.
Early signs of aging are beginning to appear in her pelt, with previous coat colors slowly fading and clearly showing grey on her muzzle and paws. No black or white is visible anywhere on her body upon close expection.

Croix has the build of a normal wolf, slender, powerfully built, with a large chest - useful for hunting - and sloping back. Her limbs are long and robust, but she is quite fragile at the same time. Only weighing around 70 pounds and reaching the normal height of a female, she isn't the most sturdy of wolves but can put up her part in a hunt. Croix is built more for speed and stamina then strength, which makes her an easy target for larger, more powerful wolves. She makes up with her quick reflexes, but isn't very accurate.
One of her favorite passtimes is hunting. Unfortunately her quickly-aging body has begun to burden her, so she will normally push herself more, resulting in quick exhaustion.

The female is usually withdrawn and quite. Becoming irritated easily, Croix is known to snap and nip quite routinely at more playful wolves. She has her dominate moments, putting the lower-ranking wolves and pups in their place if they get too pushy. She would rather sleep in a favorite spot or be around a wolf she enjoys the comanpy of then in a middle of a play session.
Her age has given her wisdom and she knows much about everything, from important matters to seasons, hunting to simply catching a small prey animal. Croix's wisdom can make her a formidable opponent in both mind and body.
Through all of this she still remembers to respect the higher-ranking wolves and dominates. Croix knows her place in a pack and won't dare challenge it.

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