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Post  Anastasia on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:29 pm

- Swearing is allowed, just do not over-use the words.

- Do not try to make yourself seem better than everyone else during roleplay/chatting. It will not get you the attention you were hopeful for. This includes insulting, if the Queen is shown evidence of another member verbally abusing you through private messages/chat the one who has done it will be warned/banned, depending on the severity.

- Do not die or kill others during roleplay, the Queen will remove the post if you have done so.

- Do not double post, sayanything under three words(Except for the Off Topic Topic), or go off topic, these are all considered SPAM.

- You can be violent in roleplay, just do not go too far, such as ripping out eyes, ribs, etc.

- Be realistic, I do not want to see an orange wolf with pink eyes and wings flying around in roleplay. You can have oddly colored eyes if you would like, but nothing over the top, please.


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